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Kelas : IX, Prediksi UAN (Bahasa Inggris/02)
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     The bell was ringing. It was time for Adi's class to have Physics in the laboratory. They enjoy studying Physics in the laboratory. They have chances to use the apparatus like flashes, pipettes, test tube, etc and to make simple experiments.
    Adi was in the same group as Rita. They also wore white uniform called a lab glass. The teacher was distributing the worksheet when suddenly she heard a little scream. It was from Adi. He was not so careful that the test tube knocked on the table and broke a little and cut his finger. The teacher took care of him soon

1.   Who is preparing the instruments for the experiment?
C.The teacher.
D.The students

2.   What happened to Adi's finger?
A.It was cut by the glass apparatus.
B.It broke an apparatus
C.It was cut by knife.
D.It knocked the apparatus

3.   3. What does the second paragraph tell about?
A.How to operate the apparatus.
B.The instrument for the experiment.
C.The activities in the laboratory.
D.The physics class I the second period

4.   Mrs. Partini : Your library card, please?
Rita             : Oops,…, I forgot to bring it.
Mrs. Partini : So, you can't borrow this book.
A.How come
B.I'm sad
C.I'm sorry
D.With my pleasure

5.   Mr. Heru : It was such a good presentation. Who is she?
Mr. Budi  : That's my new secretary.
Mr. Heru : Tell me more about her.
Mr. Budi :  Well, she is not only smart but also … languages very well.
A.Will speak
B.Has spoken
C.can speak
D.is speaking

6.   Mother : What are you looking for?
Lina      : Some food. I am starving.
Mother : It's in the fridge.
Lina      : …nothing left, mom.
A.There are
B.There is
C.There isn't
D.There aren't

7.   Susi         : Can I have some apples, please?
Salesman : … One do you want?
Susi         : The red one, please!